Google Assistant can share web pages with an easy voice command


As more people are getting their hands on the Google Pixel phones, some of the hidden talents of Google Assistant are getting unveiled. Corey Stock, a Google phone user, posted a video in the social media where he asks Google Assistant to share a Chrome web page to Google+ and then taps the screen two times to post it into social-media platform. To work with commands you have to just say like this “OK Google, share this on Google+,”


However, currently, this feature works with Google+ and Twitter only which means you won’t be able to share links in other social media platforms like Facebook, Hangouts, Gmail, or Allo. Google Assistant got officially released only a few days back so we expect Google will update more features to it with updates.

In a comparison test, it is revealed that currently, Google Assistant is the most contextually aware mobile AI assistant available in the market. This means Google Assistant understands follow-up questions much better than any other mobile AI assistant.



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