Google Assistant APK now available separately at Play Store


Google Assistant the popular voice assistant app of Google is now available as a standalone app over Play Store. Until now the app used to come pre-installed on Android phones but now you can easily download it and use it. Sometimes it is not possible to quickly launch the assistant because either you have to activate the assistant by calling “Ok Google” or by long pressing the Home Key. So now it’s very easy for the users who already have the assistant on their phones. Just tap the Google Assistant shortcut and it will be ready to help you.

Google Assistant APK

With Google Assistant you can easily make quick calls, send text messages to anyone, set reminders anytime. You can also take selfies, set calendar events, navigate different places, weather info anytime, play music and also all the latest news updates.

So if you want to download the standalone Assistant app check the link below for direct Google Assistant APK download. You can also download it from Google Play.

Google Assistant APK Files
Google Assistant 0.1.170902043 Download APK


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