Facebook for iOS gets Tickets to Movies and Suggestion System in new update


Facebook has recently disclosed that a new update is all set to roll out for its social networking app for iOS users. Apart from that, Facebook has also released a complete report that includes all the new changes and improvements that have been added into the app.
The latest Facebook update is to anticipate users in additional ways to act fast once they found something interesting which they wish to make a purchase or to travel the place where they want to go.


For example, if you want to order food, you will be able to do that by directly visiting the restaurant Facebook page, there will be a new tab in “start order” any restaurant Facebook page that uses Delivery.com or Slice, so make sure that you hit it to get your order placed faster.

There is also a new option in the update, which allows users to get tickets for movies and events easily. They can be purchased directly from Facebook pages via Fandango. This new feature is carried out in partnership with Ticketmaster and Eventbrite, and the users will now able to get tickets for other events, free or paid, directly from the events Facebook page itself.

Another new feature added in this update is, the option to apply for an interview at a local business, such as sales and salons. You will now able to request a time, and also find out the entire range of services and offerings from the business Facebook page. Later, you’ll receive the interview confirmation letter via messenger. Additionally, there is also a new “Get Quote” feature which lets you request a quote from a business, which only works with few local business pages ideology.

The latest version of Facebook for iOS comes with a new suggestion system. Whenever you write a Facebook post seeking help or recommendations of any places or services, you will be able to turn on the recommendations option for that specific post. Once you turn it on your friends will be able to comment on your post with their suggestion, which can be later seen.

As reported by Facebook, these new features will be available in the United States within a week. They also have declared that it will announce the new features in upcoming days.



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