Evernote added Android 7.1’s launcher app shortcuts


Evernote – stay organized app offers a wide range of tools that saves your time by effortlessly organizing your work. A few days ago, Evernote terminated it’s free plans and compelled the users to buy the premium app, which made many users neglect it and turn to other similar apps.However, few loyal users decided to stick with it, who will be now satisfied with their decision, as more new awesome features are added in the latest update V7.9.6.

The app has quickly enabled one of the most attractive features in Android 7.1: app shortcuts (which is known as launcher shortcuts in earlier). If you press and hold on the Evernote icon on the home screen of a supported launcher on a device running Android 7.1, you’ll get four alternative features that can be launched immediately such as search, new text note, new audio note, and new camera note.

Additionally, the other new features added in this update are better camera autofocus and Note stats which will count the number of paragraphs, characters, lines in your note. The recent update has also crushed many bugs, and you can take full benefit of it.

Update the Evernote app right now from the Google Play.


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