Exclusive: Moto E4 Plus explodes in a man’s pocket in India


Since the Note 7 fiasco, we have been witnessing a lot of mobile battery explosion cases. This time, it is Motorola in a serious fix. A recent report of a Moto E4 Plus explosion in a man’s pocket has come to light, raising concerns about the company’s manufacturing protocols. The following case has happened at Bhatar Block near Purba Burdwan in West Bengal, India. Motorola launched this budget-oriented smartphone earlier this year, and the handset became really popular owing to its battery capacity of 5000mAh battery.

Buddhadeb Pal, the owner of this device, found his Moto E4 Plus getting very hot in his pocket. He immediately took it out and threw the device on the floor after noticing fire sparks emitting from the back panel of the device. A few minutes later, the device exploded like a bomb.

Buddhadeb has been hurt in the incident. His leg is burnt and he has some cuts on his finger. He went to a nearby hospital for the treatment. He told us that he bought his phone from Flipkart a month ago. He also added that he is very scared to use smartphones now.

Moto E4 Plus mobile blast

However, he hasn’t filed any complaint of this incident. He went to a nearby service center and they have assured him a free replacement of Moto E4 Plus.


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