Download Google Play Store 8.0.26 APK for Android


Currently, 85% smartphone users are using Android OS and Google Play Store is the home of all Android apps, games, movies, books. You can download almost anything from Play Store. Some items are free to use while some of them are paid. This is the biggest app market now and all Android smartphones come with Google Play Store pre-installed if you live outside China.

Google Play Store

The Play Store app is getting better and smarter day by day with new smartphones. Three four years back the app wasn’t as stable as it is now. Now we have so many good smartphones to use and some upcoming smartphones coming in later 2017 or in early 2018 will be beast in terms of performance. Alongside smartphones, the Play Store app’s UI and UX are also better now. We have so many new features to use. Behind the app, developers are working hard to fix all the bugs and making it stable with every update.

Almost every week Google push new updates for Play Store but until there’s any big update they don’t disclose the changelogs. We have got a new update last week. You can download the updated APK directly from APKMirror or you can also update it through Google Play itself if any update is there.



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