Check This Amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept Video


Two months back Samsung amazed us by unveiling their latest flagship Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. But they are now solely working for another phablet flagship Galaxy Note 8 which will come out later this year. After Note 7 fiasco Samsung will take more care to the safety of the device. We all know Galaxy S8 is not a perfect smartphone and we hope Samsung will fix all those in Galaxy Note 8.

Anyway until now we don’t have any big leaks which reveal much about the device but we can guess the device will be very similar to Galaxy S8. Concept Creator has created a video based on their leaks which reveal the device will not have the Fingerprint sensor at the back rather it will be integrated under the display. Until now we haven’t seen any Dual camera device from Samsung so Galaxy Note 8 will be the perfect smartphone to introduce their first Dual camera smartphone. But a few days back, there was a leak which shows S8 Plus variant with Dual camera setup. The device is expected to feature 6.4-inch Infinity display with a front facing speaker beneath the display.

Nothing can be speculated at this moment so take this with a pinch of salt. We hope there will be more leaks on Galaxy Note 8 before the launch. We will keep you updated.


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