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Supercell has become a big name after its blockbuster success with Clash of Clans game. That strategy game which has been downloaded 100 million times. Now it seems, Supercell isn’t in a mood to rest on its laurels and is planning for another blockbuster.


We are talking about Brawl Stars. A not very well known game at this moment. For those not who still don’t know, Brawl Stars is mainly a multiplayer game of the top-down shooter genre. Its graphics style is very similar to Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. It tends to have that cartoonish theme which makes it fun to play.

The game has been soft launched in Canada for iOS while its global debut seems very close. It already has top ratings in the Canadian App Store. Supercell announced it some days earlier on Youtube through a live stream. The Brawl Stars for Android is yet to launch. So for Brawl Stars APK you have to wait some more time.

Brawl Stars app can be played in single player mode but the fun is all in the multiplayer category. The game comes packed with four unique modes which have to be unlocked. One of the modes is Bounty, where the team with the most star wins. Another interesting mode is Showdown where the last man standing wins. The third mode is Smash & Grab where teams compete for crystals. There is a fourth mode as well. But we don’t want to spoil all the surprises. Do we?

brawl stars gameplay

Players can form a band of up to 3 brawlers with friends to fight real-time in multiplayer mode. The Brawl Stars app offers 15 unique heroes with different abilities to that can be improved as you progress in the game. They can be given custom skins as well. As pointed out by experts, the game seems to be in a beta stage. That means Supercell might make changes to the features and gameplay before the top-down shooter has a global release.

As we said earlier, right now the game has soft-launched in Canada and Supercell does keep track of player location so if you aren’t from Canada, you will have to do some tinkering to get access to the game, but it is doable. Especially, if you want to get a head start with your friends right from the start. For those in Canada, they are in luck, they can download the Brawl Stars from the Canadian App Store.

The game is coming soon on Android. Stay tuned.


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