Apple is tesing over 10 iPhone 8 prototypes, one of them will have curved display


Today, The Wall Street Journal has published a story which indicates that we may indeed see a new iPhone model in 2017 featuring a curved display. According to the published article, Apple has asked its partners to increase thin OLED displays production and send prototype screens with better resolution than that of Samsung.

However, here the “better resolution” part can be contradictory. Samsung’s curved display as found in Galaxy S7 Edge comes with Quad HD resolutions. If Apple is looking to offer even a better version of the said resolution, then that really sounds crazy.

iPhone 8 with OLED Display (Concept)

Some of the curved OLED panels might be supplied by none other than Samsung Display itself. However, that is not a surprise because, via various subsidiaries, Samsung has been one of Apple’s important component suppliers till date. For example, the RAM found inside iPhone 7 is manufactured by none other than Samsung.

Currently, Apple is working on more than 10 next-generation iPhone prototypes so curved screen model is just one of them therefore, the company might finally decide not to commercialize it in the next year.

However, if iPhone 8 (2017) comes with a curved screen, then the device is expected to be expensive because OLED panels are costlier.



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