Apple iPhone 6 Plus Catches Fire While Owner Asleep


Several Smartphone manufacturers in the recent past have been facing issues with their Smartphones randomly exploding without any notice. In December, we came across reports from China where at least eight Apple iPhone 6 Plus devices caught on fire spontaneously. After some serious reporting, Apple finally changed the batch of devices being sold in China over possible battery issues.

While many of these Smartphone blasts or fire incidents majorly depends on the design of the Smartphone and its internal components, Apple is blaming these incidents on users who opt for third party and “fake” charging products for their Apple Smartphones.

The story of exploding Apple iPhone 6 Plus has now reached the US as well. Yesterday night, a woman named Amanda Bentz from Palm Harbor, Florida witnessed her Apple iPhone 6 Plus ablaze at around 3 AM.

Amanda claims that she woke up following some strange sounds at around 3 AM in the morning of Tuesday, and was quickly stunned by the sight of flames right out of her iPhone 6 Plus, which was plugged in for charging such about a foot and half away from her bed. She says that a major fire which could have burnt her entire bed was avoided by the timely intervention of Mr. Bentz, who put out the fire with a shirt.

Amanda has insisted that she was not using any third party but Apple’s own official charging components to charge her device while the explosion took place.

This issue has already reached Apple, thanks to the local broadcaster, and they have already offered a replacement Apple iPhone 6 Plus for Amanda. However, they have asked $749 on hold off Amanda’s credit card as an investigation on the explosion scenario is currently happening.

It was just a few days back when Samsung released official investigation reports globally stating that the whole deal of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices exploding all around the world was due to faulty batteries fitted into the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, that came from two different manufacturers.

We hope not to see any future cases of Apple iPhone 6 Plus explosions and the cause of this particular explosion to be found at the earliest.

If you are an Apple iPhone 6 Plus user, are you facing any sort of issues regarding the battery on your device? Leave your opinions as comments below.