Apple to introduce FaceTime Group video calling feature in iOS 11


Rumors were circulating on the internet that Apple may introduce theater mode in its upcoming mobile operating system. According to a unassured report, Apple is going add a feature in iOS 11 which would allow making group calls in FaceTime. It’s almost five years since the FaceTime made its debut and still, it only supports one-to-one video calls. However, we could expect that the Cupertino-based company might change it by this year.

Apparently, the new iteration of the mobile operating system will possibly release, as usual at the firm’s annual WWDC conference, summer. It must then undergo the normal phase of developer-focused and public betas before being unveiled for the users. The information about the group FaceTime video calls in iOS 11 supposedly arrives from the Israel. The group calling feature is compatible up to five members at a time and get initialized through group iMessage conversations.

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