ZTE’s nubia confirms its presence at MWC 2017


Nubia, the smartphone maker under the ZTE, has confirmed its presence at Mobile World Congress 2017, scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain. The company has extended press invites for its event at the greatest mobile gala.


In a teaser churned out before the event, Nubia only talks about the schedule of its MWC event, but nothing about the products it is planning to unveil. Besides this, Nubia is least expected to host a MWC-centric press conference, and, thereby, the chances of any new announcements are very little.

Rumor has it that Nubia will announce its latest Prague S2 at the event.

It must be noted that ZTE has also announced its presence at MWC 2017, and teased its new Gigabit phone. In its official press release, the company said:

 “The introduction of the forward-looking smartphone, the ZTE Gigabit Phone, marks an important cornerstone for the 5G mobile era. The ZTE Gigabit Phone is revolutionizing connectivity with a new standard of download speeds, 1Gbps, bringing a qualitative leap to a new world of mobile experience by making 360° panoramic VR video, instant cloud storage, entertainment upgrades and fast cache of ultra Hi-Fi music and movies possible.”

We have really high hopes of seeing a high-end Nubia device at this year’s MWC, and we wish, our hopes get answered.



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