Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 to have AMOLED display with even thinner bezels


The Mi Mix from Xiaomi is one of the most acclaimed Smartphone of 2016, mainly for its radical approach to Smartphone design that is very well expected to become the market trend going forward, as the move is already seen from devices like the LG G6 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix has 83% of its front portion covered with the actual display itself, wherein the remaining portion of the front includes the sensors and the selfie camera shooter.

Now rumors about a possible Xiaomi Mi Mix successor points to an AMOLED display with even thinner bezels compared to the Mi Mix around it. Xiaomi CEO and Founder, Mr. Lei Jun says that the aim of the company with the Mi Mix 2 is to come up with a truly bezel-less Smartphone.


Even though we expect the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 to still be in its infant stages of design, rumors so far point towards a curved AMOLED display for maximum screen use in the front area along with a bottom bezel which will hold the array of sensors on the device, including a front mounted fingerprint scanner.

Do stay tuned with us for the latest and greatest rumors on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 as we near the launch of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.