Xiaomi Flexible Concept Phone appears in a leaked video


Today, a video got leaked featuring the upcoming Xiaomi concept bendable handset. The leaked video confirmed that the images of a bendable handset rumored as an upcoming Xiaomi model are not Photoshopped. The 30-second leaked video shows a user running his device with Xiaomi MIUI 8 and even the user played Clash Royale on it.


The handset can be operated even when it is bent, and for obvious reasons, it can be used when flat! Some rumors are expecting this bent technology to be integrated with none other than Xiaomi’s upcoming model, Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun declared that Mi Note 2 will come up with a surprise. Is it the upcoming biggest surprise from Xiaomi?

However, there is no such confirmation from Xiaomi yet. If this bendable technology is integrated into Mi Note 2 then that will be great. We have to wait till the release of Mi Note 2. Even if the handset does not feature bendable display, Xiaomi will come up with another amazing model featuring it.