WhatsApp will allow to live stream videos in upcoming updates


WhatsApp is no more an average messenger app now as everyone knows that it has transformed a lot since from the beginning. The WhatsApp messenger app has to receive lots of updates in past few days and among one of them was the most awaited video calling feature. There was a lot of hype among the users regarding WhatsApp implementing video calling feature, and they officially rolled out it in the previous update.


And, right now they are testing one more video feature which will be available in upcoming updates. Using the new feature, you’ll be able to live stream videos simultaneously while downloading. However, the addition of this new feature will be helpful for those who are impatient and crazy to see their pet dance videos, etc. The addition of this new feature will change the download button that appears on videos into play. The video only initiates the download but also allows you to watch the video instead of waiting for it to complete the download.

However, the live streaming feature will be first available for Android users and later to others. But right now it’s only available for WhatsApp to those who are in the beta testing program. You too can join the beta program just by visiting WhatsApp page in Google Play Or wait for few days till it gets officially released.