Vivo unveils first under-the-display fingerprint smartphone at CES 2018


It’s been almost a year since we wanted the under-the-display fingerprint sensor on our phones. But sadly none of the big smartphone manufacturers were able to implement this feature in their flagship phones. Even Apple had to drop this idea of under-the-display for their flagship iPhone X. But it’s 2018 and Vivo has made this tech into reality as they have unveiled the first-ever under-the-display fingerprint smartphone at CES 2018.

Vivo under the display fingerprint sensor

For now, the under-the-display fingerprint sensor works with only OLED displays. According to The Verge, this new sensor works similar to normal fingerprint reader but it is not very fast. We have seen OnePlus 5T fingerprint reader which is blazing fast but to reach that level this new tech needs some time to evolve. We can also expect some new flagship phones with under-the-display from other companies in 2018.

Alex Feng, Senior VP in Vivo has told in a press release that this new Vivo smartphone is ready for mass production and it will be announced in early 2018.


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