UC Cleaner a Booster App for Android


Recently Uc web launches their new ad-free UC cleaner. It is a booster app only for android platforms to optimize and improve its performance.


As smartphones become ubiquitous, we are highly dependent on cleaner apps to manage usage. However, many Android cleaner apps themselves are large in size and resource-intensive, which is contrary to their original intention. UC Cleaner is compact in size but does not compromise on functionality. With UC Cleaner, we’re taking a new approach to boosting performance while minimizing extra burden on the system.

said James Wong, Product Manager, UC Cleaner.

Key Features For UC Cleaner

. It is very simple and ad-free

. Can analyze battery, data, storage usage, help users identify and delete resource-intensive

. Easily free your memory and shut down all apps which cause slowness

. Help to stop auto start app for non-rooted devices( Android 4.1 or high)

It is very simple cleaner that anyone can easily speed up their devices. UC Cleaner target some pre app installed upcoming Android devices.According to the company, this UC cleaner on its beta-test period gets up to half a million monthly active users.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


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