Uber Mobile App Comes With a Major Redesign Since 2012


Recently, Uber made a major redesign of its app, since 2012. There is a new icon which comes in the black and white background, ditching the previous background color, green. The splash screen of the last app is also ditched.


Now, when you open the app, you will see redesigned map imagery and car models scuttling around. Destination bar is highlighted; it prioritizes your destination according to the vehicle you choose. At first, you have to put your destination; otherwise, you will not be able to move the pin. If you don’t type your destination, the app will auto-suggest up to most traveled 3 locations.

Further, you can connect the app with the calendar to get appointment place suggestions. In future, Uber will let you know your friend’s location if they chose to provide it.

Driver details, trip details, payment options, Transit information, Yelp reviews for places around you, Pandora suggestions were also redesigned in the app.

As for now, the update is available only on iOS, soon, it will be available in Android.



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