Twitter shutting down Vine soon


Twitter had introduced Vine video sharing app in 2013, which got success within no time. Since other apps in the market added similar quick video features, but Vine was not considered as a high priority to Twitter. However, today the company has revealed that it’s going to put an end to the Vine app in several months, but it’s not going to delete your Vines at once.

According to Twitter, the website will be live, and you can access all your vines and download them. But you will not be able to create new Vines when the app gets a shutdown. Twitter has said that it will notify you (users ) before any changes take place to App and Website.

Even though the Vine is taking off, Twitter itself has inbuilt video support, which has made Twitter get rid of it. Vine was colliding with Instagram, and it was not a fight that Twitter could win. It has probably never figured out how to earn money with Vine. It just really brings out that how things are bad going for Twitter, shuttering a product which yields approximately 200 Million users per month.