T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 units to get a new update from today to limit the charge up to 60%


Samsung has tried its level best to discourage users from using Galaxy Note 7 and getting back all the units sold but however, the Korean Company has not yet got back all Note 7 handsets. It seems that Samsung is now checking in a fierce process to get back all the Note 7 handsets sold.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has sent a software update to all the units sold in its home country, South Korea and in Europe that limits charge to a mere 60%. Now, the update is headed towards the US. Devices sold by T-Mobile will be the first to get the update with build version N930TUVU2APK1.

Your Galaxy Note 7 handset won’t charge past 60% if this update is installed. Further, the dreaded recall pop-up notification will start appearing more frequently than before and the battery indicator color will turn gray.

Simply, this update is designed to annoy you till you ditch your Note 7 device.



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