SuperSU 2.78 Latest Apk Download for Android devices


If you have ever rooted your Android device you will know about this tool. But if you haven’t then you should know that this is probably the best Root management tool for rooted devices. If you have rooted your smartphone or tablet then download this app and you can easily control apps with Superuser access.



Just like other popular apps, SuperSu app gets updated with new improvements, bug fixes frequently. The app is updated to v2.78 which added some improvements. You can check the changelog below.

What’s New

  • File-based-encryption support
  • CCMT: Add privacy policy dialog
  • CCMT: Update translation files
  • su+gui: support /system_root paths
  • sukernel: add kernel binary extract/replace
  • sukernel: add kernel cmdline extract/replace
  • sukernel: add system_root import
  • sukernel: add slot-kernel patch
  • sukernel: support /boot paths
  • suinit: new binary component
  • launch_daemonsu: restructure to support /su in initramfs or system_root
  • ZIP: Support systemless on 5.0 (requires 3rd party patches)
  • ZIP: Support for A/B slot systems with / inside system partition


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