SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review


SoundBot is one of the really popular wireless speaker manufacturers out there and their SB571 Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers that you can buy. SoundBot recently announced and released the SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth Speaker priced in at ₹1,790 which brings on improvements to the already popular SB571 Bluetooth Speaker.

If you are interested in buying the SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth Speakers, then today we bring you a detailed SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth Speaker review to help you decide whether you should go with this speaker or not.

SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth Speaker

SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Build Quality

For the price point, the SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth speaker features top-notch built quality and does not feel cheap. The overall speaker is quite sturdy and the buttons also offer a very “clicky” feel which makes it easier to locate and click the buttons placed on the speaker.

The speaker weighs 481 grams and the weight distribution is done quite well as the speaker does not feel heavy at all while holding. The speaker is also quite compact for the output it provides at 19.6 x 7 x 5.1 cm.


SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth Speaker

Talking about the design of the SoundBot SB574, the speaker features a rectangular design with rounded corners. The front portion of the speaker has a clothed finishing which gives it a very impressive look. There is also a “SoundBot” branding on the front along with an LED indicator to let you know when the speaker is ON.

The overall speaker casing is made out of plastic and features a wood-like finishing in all parts except the front (which has the clothed finish). Overall, the design and look of the speaker is quite premium and is not at all expected from a Bluetooth speaker at this price range.

SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth Speaker

Talking about the button placement, on top of the speaker, the play/pause button is present along with the volume up and volume down buttons. On the back, the Power ON/OFF button is present along with the MicroUSB charging port and AUX port.

To reduce speaker vibrations and to keep the speaker steady when placed on a surface, the bottom part of the speaker has two mount strips which are a really convenient addition that helps in placing the speaker on any flat surface without having to worry about it falling off.


Powering the SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth speaker is a 52mm driver and a passive radiator subwoofer is also added for better audio output.

Considering the budget-friendly price at which it sells, the sound output from the SoundBot SB574 is quite good, to say the least. Even though the lows and bass output is a bit on the lower side, the mids and highs are quite pronounced and clear.

The volume level is also quite loud, but at the full volume level, the speaker does exhibit distortions and little noise. The best audio experience of the speaker is when the volume levels are set at around 70 percent.


SoundBot SB574 Bluetooth Speaker

Being a Bluetooth speaker, the portability of the speaker is also really important. As we have mentioned earlier, the SoundBot SB574 features well-balanced weight distribution and is in fact quite lightweight in comparison to the size of the speaker.

Even though the speaker cannot be carried around in pockets or anything, you can easily toss it in your bag and easily take it along with you wherever you go.

One thing to keep in mind is that the SB574 does not come with any rugged features, which means the speaker is neither dust nor water resistant. So, a good amount of care is to be taken to prevent dust and water from entering the speaker.

Wireless Connectivity

The SoundBot SB574 makes use of Bluetooth 4.2 technology for connectivity. The pairing process is easy and just takes a minute or two. The speaker can remain connected to devices even when they are about 33 feet away, which is a really great feature that helps in controlling the speaker when you are in a different room.

There is also an AUX port provided so if you wish to directly connect your device to the speaker, you can do the same as well.


There is a 2000mAh battery fitted into the SB574 speaker and while charging with the charging cable included in the box, it takes about 3 hours to get the speaker charged to its maximum.

When fully charged, you can easily get around 7-8 hours of playback with the speaker at around 75 percent of the full volume which is really impressive for a Bluetooth speaker.

Final Verdict

The SoundBot SB574 is overall a great package for the price at which it sells. Even though the speaker comes with a price tag below ₹2,000, what you get is awesome built and design, great sound output, and impressive battery life.

If you are looking for a complete Bluetooth speaker package below ₹2,000, then the SoundBot SB574 is definitely a great choice.


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