Snapchat adds VR-Support with the latest “World Lenses” Feature


Until today, the Snapchat Lenses animation feature where people could take incredible selfies where they would get turned into puppies, puke rainbows and more were restricted to the front-facing camera only.


However, starting today, Snapchat has announced the “World Lenses” feature for its application, wherein similar to the Snapchat Lenses feature, you will be able to add digitally created virtual objects and texts to photos that you capture using the rear camera of your devices. Earlier, the Lenses feature could only be placed on faces, however, with World Lenses, you can place the animations of Lenses on to any objects that are present in the photos.

To make use of the World Lenses feature, while using Snapchat with the rear camera of your device tap on the camera screen to search and find the best lens that you would want to use for your photo. The digital objects you put in your images will adapt to the 3D environment of the image thus making it look like the image is naturally placed in there.

Seems like a cool and innovative feature from Snapchat to stay unique in the race. And now its wait-time until Facebook rivals up with a similar feature for Instagram and Facebook.



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