Samsung Galaxy S8 Voice Assistant, Bixby to Come with Samsung Pay Support


According to Dutch website GalaxyClub, Samsung is working on its own voice assisted AI system which will be integrated into the upcoming smartphone Galaxy S8. The male voice assistant will be known as Bixby, and the female voice assistant will be known as Kestra. This assistant will also be capable of processing your online payments via Samsung Pay.


Samsung is promoting its voice assistant as ‘Computer software for enabling hands-free use of a mobile phone through voice recognition’ and ‘Computer software used to process voice commands.’ The voice assistant will also be able to process your online payments.

When Apple introduced Siri, Samsung introduced S Voice but however, the feature was not that good, and it was eventually made optional on later devices. In the meanwhile, Google Now became the default voice assistant. Recently, Samsung is trying to move away from Google service dependence.

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