Samsung Galaxy S8+ Spotted in the wild


As each day passes, we are receiving more and deeper looks into the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, slated for official launch just a few days ahead. Today, to go by the leaks train, we have leaked images of what is expected to be the larger Samsung Galaxy S8+.


Well, we have seen many leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ in the past, however, the latest batch of photos seems the most detailed ones of them all. Going by the language on display, the leaked images are assumed to be of the Mexican variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8+.


The newly leaked Samsung Galaxy S8+ images not only shows off the display up front with those minimal bezels but also gives the first glimpse to the redesigned user interface from Samsung, the Grace UX.

We get to see the touch navigation keys in the leaked images as capacitive keys aren’t present, a radical design change for Samsung Smartphones after seeing capacitive navigation keys on its devices for all these years.


The leaked images also show some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S8+, that include the very familiar ones like Smart Stay, Antispam Filters, and One-Handed operation. However, one feature that does seem new is the addition of a feature that allows you to launch and close applications on your device using the fingerprint scanner.


Other leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ also gives us a peak to the camera viewfinder as well as the inbuilt web browser application as well.