Report suggests 50% of all iPhones will be manufactured in India by 2027


In September a J.P. Morgan report claimed Apple could shift 25 percent from its iPhone manufacturing to India by 2025. However, the South China Morning Post article suggests that the share could increase to 50 percent in 2027. Apple has reported a decrease in iPhone parts orders from its Chinese suppliers, which has adversely affected their earnings estimates and prices of the stock.


India is currently the source of only 5 percent of iPhone production, however, there has been a move to produce newer models like the iPhone 14 within a couple of weeks after manufacturing in China started. Rumors suggest Apple will start manufacturing the iPhone 15 series simultaneously in China and India.

The move by Apple to broaden its iPhone manufacturing away from China is also being transferred into the rest of its portfolio, with a growing number of AirPods and MacBooks produced in Vietnam.



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