Pokemon Go for Apple Watch is now available on App Store


Previously, many rumors were circulating among the Pokemon Go players claiming that Niantic won’t make its app for Apple Watch. Later, Niantic came out with a message for the Pokemon Trainers alleging that the app will be available soon. Whereas now, the Pokemon Go app is now finally available for the Apple Watch. The Pokemon Go app for Apple Watch notifies whenever you’re nearby Pokemon, PokeStops, eggs, and medals. Now you can also pick up goodies from PokeStops directly using your Apple Watch.

However, it’s impossible to catch Pokemon from your Apple Watch, so you still need your iPhone to do that. Apart from that, there is an option in app allowing you to log each gameplay session as a workout with Apple’s Activity app for Apple Watch. Besides that, the Pokemon Go app also shows the distance that you have walked for hatching an egg or getting Candy for your Pokemon.

As expected, finally Niantic started to roll out the Pokemon Go app for Apple Watch in App Store. In case, if it’s not available now, it will be available in one or two days. So no need to panic, just have fun Training your buddy Pokemon.



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