PayPal merges with Facebook Messenger and lets user to transact within chats


If you are a regular Facebook user you must have experienced some new changes from past few days. Adding to it, Facebook has collaborated with PayPal the payments giant which lets the Facebook users to make PayPal transactions through Facebook Messenger. This feature is currently available now in the US and will support other countries in upcoming days.

PayPal integrated with Facebook messenger for direct transaction inside chat
It’s highly notable that the messenger app only supports payments through debit cards until now, as of now, at least a number of people in the US can link their PayPal and messenger accounts for transactions. The PayPal’s payment notification will be directly sent within the Facebook messenger. According to Facebook; the company doesn’t disclose payment volume.

“We’ve thrilled that the financial services companies continue to expand their partnership with us,” said Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook’s, head of product for messenger, in a mail.

PayPal integrated with Facebook messenger for direct transaction inside chat.

However, the chief operating officer of PayPal, Bill Ready stated “This collaboration continues to showcase our march to be a customer champion,” it’s really a great move by both companies to extend their reach and keep their growth increasing.



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