Patent suggests LG is planning on Transparent Foldable Display


Today, the display industry is getting better and better day by day that is why we can enjoy things like OLED or AMOLED technology. The OLED display is hardly a new concept because it has been used in LG and Samsung handsets quite often.


Samsung had demonstrated a foldable panel back in 2014 and promised a Smartphone within 2015. Though that was more like a deadline but we are sure enough that R&D is still in full steam.

In the meanwhile, LG went along a more laid back route and announced a 2017 deadline. However, as per early concept renders, LG might go for a super touch sensitive or transparent handset other than just a foldable panel.


It seems that LG will release a book shaped handset which can be folded. Further, the left part will be transparent touchpad featuring multimedia controls. The right part is expected not to be transparent. Interestingly, the transparent and non-transparent screens might be able to interact with each other.


All these are rumors so we have to wait for the original product to be released or its features to get leaked for a certain reality check.



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