Oppo’s 5X Optical Zoom Camera Technology Announced At MWC


As promised, Oppo, in a major breakthrough, has launched 5X camera technology at the Mobile World Congress 2017 and upped the bar of camera innovation for its counterparts. The modus operandi of this uber-innovative camera involves the use of periscope structure that diverts light by 90-degrees through the prism, moving into a hidden telephoto lens.

Oppo, while dwelling on its new 5X camera technology, said that it will help users capture the most clear and the most detailed pictures ever. “The resulting shift from the light’s natural path delivers an unprecedented level of clarity at any zoom level,” said OPPO.


Both the prism and the telephoto lens work in absolute tandem to deal with the real-time jitters and deliver sharp clicks.

Oppo has further expatiated on the camera infrastructure, saying that it spent over a year to develop the mechanism, which comprises 50 components. However, the company maintained its mum over the camera resolution. We hope that the new range of F-smartphone series by Oppo carries this marvel camera technology.


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