OnePlus One 16GB Unboxed units is going to sale for Rs. 12999


Previously OnePlus One 64 Gb Unboxed version had been sold by the OverCart for Rs. 16,999 through Flash sale and now they are also going to sale OnePlus One 16GB Unboxed units only for Rs. 12,999.

Oneplus_One_unboxed _sale

The official OnePlus One 16GB boxed units will cost Rs. 18,998 and also unavailable at Amazon and Flipkart. So this is a big opportunity for the OnePlus lovers to buy it now from OverCart at the low price. Today OverCart said:

Overcart works with leading e-commerce, retailers, and manufacturers to manage returns and excess stock. The company provides a suite of services including quality-assessment, pricing analytics, and liquidation services to help client companies achieve the maximum realization from its stuck inventory.

The company also said that the Silk White 16 Gb version will come with a six-month manufacturer warranty. According to the past sale, it will expect that this sale will go successfully. Also Saptarshi Nath, Cofounder, said:

This flash sale will feature fewer units as compared to our past sales. We are taking time to pass every unit through our proprietary quality check process. We are working with OnePlus authorised refurbishment partners to ensure that every product meets our certification prior to the sale.

If you are interested about this sale you can go to OverCart for more details. To get this device you must be register on the overcart website and get the notification for the Flash sale.


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