OnePlus 5 To Have Dual-Edge Display, 23MP Camera and 256GB Internal Storage


Rumors are going around that the next flagship by OnePlus is named OnePlus 5. If there is any likelihood of these reports being true, it will be the next in line to OnePlus 3T, and the fifth flagship that the company is gearing up for, except the OnePlus X.


You might wonder, why the Chinese multinational isn’t launching OnePlus 4 after its 3T flagship, and naming its upcoming model as ‘5’? So, there is a mystical belief about the number ‘4’, widely popular in China, according to which, it is considered to bring bad luck.

As per the reports that have already picked good steam in the markets, OnePlus is planning to borrow the good looks of Galaxy S7 Edge, which sports a dual-edge display. There are also murmurs that OnePlus will equip with next flagship with features, like a 23MP rear camera, a 16MP selfie shooter, 6GB/8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage. Also, the company is also working a way out to give a full-featured ceramic body to its new flagship, just like what we have seen with Xiaomi Mi Mix.

However, we’re still in deep speculating mode about the chipset that the company intends to use for its alleged OnePlus 5. We believe that it will either try to procure the latest sensation – Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 – for its upcoming models, or will settle for Snapdragon 821.

For now, we all taking this with a pinch of salt. These are just rumors, and the credibility is yet to be ascertained.



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