OnePlus 3T Blue Variant To Be Announced Soon


We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors lately about OnePlus introducing a Midnight Black color variant of its much-celebrated flagship – OnePlus 3T. But, now the Chinese multinational announced that something is about to go down with OnePlus and Collete, which is famed fashion boutique in Paris.

If we read the tweet in its real context, OnePlus is planning to launch a blue version of its 3T flagship.

OnePlus has posted a series of tweets and it’s confirmed that the company is going to launch the Blue variant of their flagship smartphone OnePlus 3T today and from now it’s just 60 minutes away for the launch.

Notably, OnePlus had collaborated with Colette for its OnePlus 2, X and 3 flagships, and is still going strong with the partnership. And, also planned to sell off its devices in limited stocks.



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