Nokia 8 Images Appear Featuring Copper-Gold Color Variant


We have come across several Nokia 8 leaks in the recent past, which suggest that a Nokia 8 launch might happen really soon. Today, we have even more leaks on the Nokia 8. We now have images of the copper-gold color variant of the Nokia 8 Smartphone.



The Copper-Gold variant of the Nokia 8 that has been leaked today provides a very detailed insight on what the device will look like. The leaked images do show the working display of the Nokia 8 along with the two capacitive-touch keys and the fingerprint scanner placed below the display unit. Apart from that, we can also see the vertically placed dual-camera setup in the rear of the phone.

Earlier, Nokia 8 images featuring the Blue and Steep color variants were leaked and now here comes the Copper-Gold variant. Which really shows that the Nokia 8 will bring some really fresh looks to the market in terms of color variants.

The Nokia 8 is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 835. Other expected features of Nokia 8 include a 5.3-inch 1440p Quad-HD resolution display and a dual-camera setup in the rear made by Zeiss. The expected price of the Nokia 8 is around $600.

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