New leaked OnePlus 5 images show strikingly similarity to iPhone 7 design


New images of the OnePlus 5 have been leaked yesterday which shows a similar design to the iPhone 7. One of these leaked images is from Weibo which shows the back of the OnePlus 5. The similarities, right from the horizontal cameras, to the secondary microphone and LED flash are so clear that it could easily be a photoshopped image.


On the other hand, new images of the front of the OnePlus 5 were posted by Android Police. Again, here too, the imagesĀ corroborate with the previous leak and seem to confirm our worst fears.


OnePlus seems to be heading towards an iPhone 7 design. Previous rumors have seen the OnePlus 5 follow in the footsteps of its predecessor in terms of design. And that was widely accepted. But less than two weeks before the release, these new images have appeared. Don’t expect the rumors to stop just yet.

Source (Chinese) lĀ Source 2


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