New ARM Cortex-A75, A-55 chips, Mali-G72 revealed at Computex 2017


Acorn RISC Machine better known as ARM has just taken the curtains off of its new generation of mobile CPUs and GPUs at the Computex 2017 event in Taipei. The company whose mobile CPUs power millions of mobile and other devices has unveiled the high-performance ARM Cortex-A75, the ARM Cortex-A55 for high-efficiency devices, as well as the new GPU called Mali-G72. These processors are built keeping in mind the needs of future emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality.

arm dynamiq

ARM says that their new chips are on route to boost AI and machine-learning performance by up to 50x having being built on the latest ARM v8.2-A architecture. But the ARMv8-A and ARMv8.1. are also well supported by these CPUs. Also, now the ARM Compute library can now be employed giving these processors another 10x to 15x boost in AI and ML performance.

ARM Cortex A75

Another new technology brought to these CPUs this year is the new DynamIQ technology. This technology is an upgrade of the big.LITTLE technology. DynamIQ technology allows companies like Qualcomm to now mix and form various combinations of cores in a single cluster. This was not possible before. So for example now you can have setups like 1 plus 7, 2 plus 6, 4 plus 4 or whatever combination you can imagine.

Cortex a55

Coming to the CortexA-75, ARM says the chip can now offer 16 percent more memory throughput than the Cortex A-73. Large screen devices may see a bump in performance by 30%. The Cortex A-75 chip also sees improved performance across the board on a host of leading benchmarks. The results are even more impressive with the A-55.
The Cortex-A55 is even more impressive, with ARM claiming that it is 2x more memory efficient that the Cortex A-53, 15 percent more power efficient and 10x more scalable than its ancestor.


Last but not the least is the new Mali-G72 GPU which has been built employing the Bifrost architecture used in the G71 as well. This new GPU will improve your graphics performance and also cost less doing so. It will save 25% more energy and is optimized for the use of high graphics gaming and Mobile VR. New Smartphones are expected to sport the new ARM CPUs sometime in early 2018.


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