New Android app by Microsoft allows you to copy text from any screen


The Microsoft developers team have unveiled a new app for Android devices called Clip Layer. The app is meant to copy text from any screen and also from those where the text not selectable. Later, the users will be able to paste it any app of their choice. The Clip Layer app from Microsoft has the similar features of Universal Copy but tends to very simpler and handy to use.


When you launch the app, it reads the whole text on the screen and makes it ready for you to copying. Later, the users can clinch which part of the text areas for the app to copy on the screen. To avoid confusion, the user can see the selected areas by tapping on ‘T’ button which is available on the top right side. Later, the selected text can be copied to the clipboard and pasted on any IM app, shared on Facebook or saved as a scrap for future use.

The downside of Clip Layer app is that it’ll occupy your home button and triggers the app whenever you tap on it. Apart from this, the Microsoft new app has pretty impressive feature and also sizes just 1.64 Megabytes. The app is already available for free to download on Google Play, so move ahead and grab it now.


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