“Mysterious” phone from LeEco is rumored to integrate Helio X27 chipset


Two days back, a Weibo post leaked about a mysterious LeEco Smartphone. The handset is rumored to be powered by a MediaTek Helio chipset clocked at 2.59GHz, and it runs in CPU-Z software. The CPU-Z software can provide your main device details on your PC or on your phone.


However, the details of the MediaTek Helio chipset provided do not match with any Helio chipsets at all. As per the Weibo post, the MediaTek Helio chipset is a deca-core processor where four Cortex-A53 cores run at a clock speed of 1.55GHz, and two Cortex-A72 cores run at a clock speed of 2.59GHz respectively.


As per Weibo user, Black Digital, it is Helio X27, a yet to be released chipset. In the Weibo post, it was mentioned that CPU-Z data shows that the processor uses a 14-nm process. Black Digital considers this information as biased, and according to him, the processor uses a 20-nm process.

At this moment, we can consider Helio X27 specifications as unauthentic information because nothing likewise is announced or rumored to be announced. An enquiry has been made to LeEco; we have to wait for their response to know about the authenticity of the information regarding Helio X27.



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