Microsoft schedules an event on October 26, Surface Phone not expected


Recently, Microsoft announced that on 26th October the company would be having a hardware event. It is heard that the Redmond-based company might reject the Lumia flagship. However, this does not imply that other Windows 10 smartphones won’t get released.

The long rumored Surface phone is not yet ready for launch. It was rumored to be launched in late 2017. Mary Jo Foley has confirmed the rumor and also asked Microsoft fans not to expect a Smartphone from the company within this year.


In the meanwhile, Microsoft made it pretty clear that it won’t be launching another Band device within this year.

We are expecting a Surface all in one device featuring a Surface keyboard and mouse to be launched in the 26th October event.

From a confidential source, it is known that some gaming news along with Windows 10 devices from OEM partners will be out in the Microsoft hardware event. There is also a possibility of some other company handsets to be on stage.


  • CalRob

    I want a Surface phone for sure – one that runs Windows 10. Real Windows 10, not some gimpy version that won’t run the same things on my PC. I want one that will run Steam, and will play all my Steam games, and run Office…it could be awesome.

    • Roger Wilco

      Amen to that

  • Roger Wilco

    Please give us an x86(64 bit) Windows phone!!!!! Full Windows 10.