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Xiaomi has launched the Mi Band along with their flagship device Mi 4i at the Delhi Event in India. It is priced Rs. 999 in India. This is the cheapest fitness tracker in the market now. Recently Yu has launched their Yu Fit to compete with Mi Band.

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Mi Band was up for sale on 5th May for only Rs. 1 for their first 1000 units. That was a Flash sale through their official Mi India website. We got the Mi Band for Rs. 999 at the second Flash sale which was happened on 12th May.

As we got our brand new Mi Band we are going to share our initial thoughts on it.

Mi Band is a complete Fitness tracker to measure your daily workouts. It also has some other key features like incoming call notifier, Alarm etc.

Mi Band Hands On

Mi band india

The core body of Mi Band is a polycarbonate body and have aluminium finish on the top of it. It weighs around 5 grams. There are three LED lights on the top part. You can change the color of LED lights using the Mi Fit App.

Mi band for android

mi band

The core metal body fits inside the Wristband. It fits well enough and no chance of getting out accidentally. So in hardware part it has done pretty good job.

Mi band charger

mi band charger

The core unit can be charged using the USB cable provided inside the box. You can plugin to Computer and in the Charger port to charge it.

Mi band hands on

Mi Band can be configured by the official Mi Fit app. You need to pair both devices using Bluetooth. There is no need to do anything with Core part. Everything can be done using the app. The App will ask for your Name, Age and Height to measure all the details perfectly.

Mi Band can track your Sleep Timing even Deep Sleep too. It also tells us when we are ready to sleep. You can setup your daily steps. It will measure your steps along with how much calories you have burnt.

Mi band hands on

You can set notification for incoming calls. When you will get a call it will vibrate. Another top feature is Alarm. It will vibrate until you are out of bed. You can also setup 30 minutes before alarm time.

So Mi Band both in Hardware and Software worked well enough. It is very lightweight. So looking at the price point and quality it’s still the best Band at the cheapest price.


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