Meizu Pro 7 leaked image shows e-ink display at the back with dual cameras


The Meizu Pro 7 is sure to be a solid high-end device when it launches. And as with all smartphones, when it gets closer it gets clearer.

Meizu Pro 7 leaked image

We are now seeing a new photo which has popped up showing a relatively new feature which isn’t on many smartphones. In fact, last we saw it in the LG V series phones and in an HTC U Ultra phone as well. We are talking about the secondary always-on display.

The Meizu Pro 7 will also have one on the back. Only, it will be an e-ink display. The small display will show the basic time, weather and have some shortcuts as well. The Meizu Pro 7 is also expected to rock a dual camera which is visible in images here too. The alleged Meizu Pro 7 in the photo is black which is making the display hard to see.

Secondary displays didn’t catch up much with people and very shortly after they appeared, they were sent back to anonymity. Although they can be very useful at times. Only time will tell if and when the Meizu Pro 7 comes with an e-ink display, how good it will be.
The device is expected to pack the latest MediaTek Helio X30 with 6GB of RAM. It will also feature a 3D display much like the 3D touch on iPhone 7.



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