LG Rolls Out New G6 Teaser, Talks About ‘Less Artificial, More Intelligence’


Artificial Intelligence is the latest popular sensation that has been changing many dynamics around. It has become such a huge buzzword that brands are rushing into bank on its popularity and create a positive brand buzz for themselves. And, just as you know, even the mobile landscape hasn’t been left untouched by the trend, with several prominent industry names, such as Samsung and HTC, rolling out products that have AI capabilities.

Now, we hear that LG has come out with a brand-new teaser for its upcoming G6 flagship, having a unique reading – “Less Artificial. More Intelligence. The Next Generation Smartphone To You First By LG.” The teaser also showcases the official launch date of the device i.e. 26.2.17, followed by the hashtag – #LGG6.

This line has made us think as to what kind of artificial intelligence is LG talking about. We’ve already heard rumors that LG G6 would be the first non-pixel Android smartphone with the support for Google Assistant. It’s unclear if the teaser talks about the same or something else in the pack.

Besides Artificial Intelligence, LG is promising some impressive action with features like a 4K bezel-less display, waterproofing, a unique glass-and-metal design, a dual-camera setup and more.

Whoa! We’re already seeing a lot of takers for this smartphone.



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