Latest Google Play Store 8.4.19 APK Download for Android


The search giant never fails to roll out a regular new update for its two essential apps – YouTube and the Play Store. The developers work tirelessly and push out periodic updates forĀ Google Play Store. And now, it looks like Google has pushed out another new update to the Play Store app.

Google Play Store

The latest update of the Google Play changes the version number from 8.4.18 to 8.4.19. Previously, it got a new update which stabilized the app and made it function better than earlier. However, the current update doesn’t seem to make any visual changes in the app. Hence, it’s reasonable to say that it hasĀ come with some bug fixes under the hood.

Google always roll out the update in phases, and it may take time to become available in your region. However, if you can’t resist for that long, then you can download the latest version of Google Play Store from here.



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