Latest Clash of Clans Game Update Brings New World and Battle Mode


Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy games for mobile out there and today the developers of the Clash of Clans game have released a major update for the game. The new update was teased in the game itself for a few weeks now.


The latest Clash of Clans game update brings in a brand new in-game world for players to explore and interact with. The recent Clash of Clans update also introduces an all-new mode for in-game combat called the “vs Battle Mode”.

However, the latest Clash of Clans update is only available for players whose Town Hall level is 4 or more. This is because once you have reached the level 4, you will be able to build the boat that is required to reach the other side of the shore, where the new in-game world is situated.

One important point to note is that once you cross the shore to the new world, only your gems will be carried forwards. All your elixir and gold from the previous base will disappear.

There are several new features introduced when you shift to the new world, which include new combat techniques, new buildings, new troop abilities and more.

The “vs Battle Mode” is the best alternative to gain elixir and gold, instead of earning them from within your base. You can now attack other enemy base and depending on the margin of your win, you are rewarded with elixirs and gold.

To know more about the latest Clash of Clans update, watch the official update trailer video below.



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