Jade Empire: Special Edition RPG game is now available for Android Devices


Back in October, the Jade Empire: Special Edition for iOS was released and attained tremendous response from the RPG gamers. And, the game developers assured that they’d unveil the game for Android in future days. Right now, they have launched the Jade Empire: Special Edition for Android which mainly focuses on RPG gameplay. This game is not available for free and will cost you $9.99 (which is $10) to play this fantastic game on your phone.


The developers allege the game will be compatible with most of the device running on Android 4.4 and up. If you don’t have any idea about Jade Empire game, then it’s necessary to mention that it’s the best RPG game launched about a decade ago. But it remains one of the most favorite game to the gamers who loves playing traditional RPGs.

The game story follows the character of┬áJade, an orphan who is brought up by a master Li. He has a school where he teaches martial and spiritual arts training. After some unpredicted outcome, the gameplay initiates with Jade in search of Master Li to save him. While playing, you’ll be meeting a various number of NPCs who can be called up to join your troop. Additionally, they’ll not only aid you in saving Master Li but also they will follow on their endeavors.

The Jade Empire: Special Edition game features rich gameplay and exceptional control for mobile to play without any fuss. Moreover, the Android game comes with full controller support, which is great news for gamers. And, being the special edition version it also contains few extra stuff which will serve the players with the additional 40 hours of gameplay.

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