Alleged iPhone 15 Side View Leak Shows Black Matte Body With Power Button


A leaked image of what appears to be the side view of the rumored iPhone 15 series has surfaced recently. The image, which was shared on Twitter by user @lipilipsi, showcases the cutout of the side buttons and the device’s matte black color. Although it is unclear whether this is the iPhone 15 or the iPhone 15 Pro, the body design displayed in the image is noteworthy.

iPhone 15 side view leak

Based on the surface of the device, it appears to be built of matte black or “midnight” aluminum alloy. This suggests that the standard model of the iPhone 15 series may have this design while the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to come with a brushed titanium body.

Looking at the image carefully we can see the camera bump and the opening for the power button on the side. Reports suggest that only the “Pro” model will have solid-state keys, which further differentiates it from the regular model. Another notable aspect of the leaked image is the side button’s opening, which could indicate that the device will feature a physical button.



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