Huawei Honor S1 images leaked with e-paper Display


A lot have been discussed on Huawei Mate 9, but it seems Huawei has something else as well up to its sleeve. Today, an E-Paper based Smartwatch got leaked featuring a circular display with relatively small bezels than that of Pebble Time Round. It seems that the device Huawei Honor S1 whose teaser images were leaked last month.

E-Paper is a low-power display with sunlight legibility which can run for days with small batteries. Generally, this technology is found in Smartwatches. Considering these leaked images were of Huawei Honor S1 smartwatch, it should not be confused with Huawei Fit. On the other hand, the E-Paper display should not be confused with e-ink like Kindle e-readers.

The leaked images convey the message that this Smartwatch will be waterproof and will feature a heart rate sensor. Its operation starts and ends with touchscreen only as there are no visible hardware buttons. Further, it is also unclear, whether it will run with Android Wear or Tizen or some other custom solution.