Google WiFi is now official for $129


Google has announced Google Wi-Fi home router. Just like a genuine Wi-Fi router, the device adds Wi-Fi points and expands the internet use. Wi-Fi home router is powered by mesh WiFi technology.


In brief, this technology helps each Wi-Fi point to create a high power connection. All these points work simultaneously to offer you best usage of your internet. This technology also confirms Wi-Fi connection throughout the house and not just the area located near the router.

Google reported that Google WiFi is built from the strengths of previous year’s OnHub. Further, the Google Wi-Fi router is integrated with Network Assist technology which runs in the background and automatically places you on the optimal most Wi-Fi band. It seems that Google Wi-fi router might bring a solution to avoid unnecessary dead spots or delays.
Google WiFi works in collaboration with an application which is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app provides you details of your Wi-Fi connection and lets you manage the Wi-Fi.

From November this year, Google Wifi router will be available for pre-order in the U.S. It is priced at the rate of $129 for the single pack and $299 for three of them in a pack. It can be pre-ordered from Walmart, Google Store, Best Buy and Amazon.



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