Google Translate is now improved with new technology


The new Google Translate app will be able to translate the entire sentences at the same time rather translating word by word. It is possible with the help of Google’s new technology “Neural Machine Translation” which was getting developed in September 2016. Additionally, with the new technology the app figures out what the context is about and then translates the sentence with correct grammar. Thus, made it easier for the users to understand the translated paragraphs or articles.


However, the new update has been implemented only in eight languages such as French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Turkish. The search giant, Google prioritized them first because they represent the one-third of world’s population and getting 35% of more than Google queries.

It is the most significant update which Google has given since now and said their primary goal is to implement their neural machine technology on all other 103 languages. So, the user will be able to translate the other languages too, with the app.

Download Google Translate – Android (Google Play) |┬áiOS (AppStore).



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