Google to Filter out Apps with Fake Reviews and Ratings from Play Store


If you are a regular Google Play users that often look for something new, you may have been realized, that you were ambushed by some of the app’s reviews and ratings. The giant Google is well aware of that and it has decided to put an end to this by improved detection and filtering out the apps with fake ratings and reviews, the number of installing which is done by app developers.

google-playAccording to Google’s report, if any install is done with the intent to exploit an app’s position on Google Play, these systems will be able to detect and filter it. Likewise, developers who repeatedly follow such practices might get their apps removed from the app store forever.
With no doubt, this will stamp out the apps with fake reviews and download numbers which scam their users. Even though we can’t figure out how Google is going to prevent from paid review published, as there’s no way to verify whether it is a paid review or not. Apart from that, it will be beneficial if Google successfully achieves in filtering out the apps with fake reviews and install numbers.



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